Monday Night Football Double Domination

Monday Night Football Double Domination NFL via Giphy

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The thrashings were thorough and without mercy.

Monday Night Football featured a double header this week, except the games, were going on simultaneously. This is a bit of a weird concept for Monday Night Football; luckily, football fans didn't miss anything dramatic if they decided to watch one game over the other.

The Minnesota Vikings traveled to play the Philadelphia Eagles and were rightfully trashed (24-7) after displaying a horrible performance on both sides of the ball. The defense was so bad, that NFL commentators went as far as saying Jalen Hurts has arrived as a top-tier NFL Quarterback (receivers were running 20 yards open).

Kirk Cousins put up a 17.5 QBR against the Eagles, which is...really bad. While the defense looked as if they were prepared for the wrong scheme. To the Eagles' credit (Go Cowboys), they took advantage of poor Vikings' play and delivered the beatdown.

The Tennessee Titans traveled to play the Buffalo Bills and delivered an even worse effort than the Vikings. Bills Quarterback Josh Allen had an outstanding 87.7 QBR (100 is perfect), while Titans Quarterback Ryan Tannehill had a 16.3 QBR. That sums up the 41-7 Bills victory. The Bills didn't have a stout running game but didn't need one.

The Bills' defense also held vaunted Runningback, Derrick Henry, to 13 carries for 25 yards, holding the Titans to 187 total yards of offense on Monday.

Hopefully, this isn't a sign for NFL's national games for the rest of the season. However, the Bills look like legit Superbowl contenders, while the Eagles may have more to give than their roster shows on paper.

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