Move Over Boomers And Gen Xers, A New Generation Is Moving Into Golf Resorts

There are a few reasons these communities are attracting younger residents. Move Over Boomers And Gen Xers, A New Generation Is Moving Into Golf Resorts Giphy

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Living on the links has long been associated with older folks, but golf isn’t just a game for retirees and the adjacent resorts typically include spacious, upscale homes with plenty of creature comforts. So it might not be surprising that millennials (at least the ones who can afford it) are starting to gravitate toward this type of life.

Midlife movers

The eldest millennials were born in the early ‘80s, so they’re either approaching or have already reached middle age. Many have families and some money stashed away for a new home.

And some, like Gabrielle and Brandon Sloan (both 30 years old), decided that a golf resort provides the optimal experience. Even though Gabrielle hasn’t taken up the sport, her Florida residence offers the “family-friendly” community that she was looking for.

The Sunshine State has experienced a surge of incoming residents over the past few years, and that’s in part due to the prevalence of such private communities. But golf resorts nationwide are seeing increased interest, says New York real estate broker Cindy Scholz.

“Millennials are starting to solidify their lives,” she said. “And they are strategically using real estate to shape their lifestyles.”

Pandemic players

In addition to the appeal of exclusivity, there’s another reason many millennials are gravitating to golf resorts. During COVID-19, many folks picked up golf clubs, often for the first time, and developed a love for the game.

The National Golf Foundation reported that more rounds of golf were played last year than any other year on record. But even those like Gabrielle who don’t play can find something to love in these amenity-packed communities.

“There are millennials who have never picked up a golf club, and a country club is still the only place they want to be,” California agent Byron Wood explained.

Chris Agee
Chris Agee April 20th, 2024
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