Could We Talk To Whales?

Could We Talk To Whales? The Boys via Giphy

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Tom Mustill, who had a near-death experience as a humpback whale fell upon him and a friend's kayak sucking them both beneath the waves. The harrowing event was recorded and published on YouTube, resulting in global attention for Mustill.

Professor Joy Reidenberg, a whale scientist, reviewed the video and claimed the footage suggests the whale veered away from Mustill's kayak mid-breach as if it did not want to cause any harm.

"You can’t just ask a whale," Reidenberg said regarding the incident. He would continue, detailing the technology that may allow humans to communicate with Whales shortly. "This is the beginning of augmented biology, where our human deficiencies – what we can’t sense, where we can’t go, what we actually have the time to find patterns in – all seem to be falling down."

Will humans soon be able to speak to whales?

Mustill became intrigued and came in contact with two Silicon Valley entrepreneurs who are leading efforts to communicate with animals through the Earth Species Project. The entrepreneurs, Aza Raskin and Britt Selvitelle bill the Earth Species Project as 'Google Translate for whales."

Another individual pointed Mustill to the Cetacean Translation Initiative, a group of scientists to communicate with a whale to exchange ideas and experiences by 2026.

The group is using multiple underwater listening stations, tagging whales with drones, and robotic fish swimming amount the whales gathering audio and video.

While we don't know if the group will reach its goals, its ambition is worthy of respect.

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