Workers Are Getting Serious About Their Efforts To Unionize

Workers Are Getting Serious About Their Efforts To Unionize

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There has been quite a bit of news coverage about employees at companies like Starbucks attempting to start workers' unions, but the trend might be more wide-ranging and far-reaching than you previously thought.

A new Gallup survey, for example, found that 71% of Americans approve of labor unions in general. That number is up from 68% last year and 64% prior to the outbreak of COVID-19.

In fact, the latest polling numbers put union support at the highest level recorded in nearly 60 years. During the mid-20th century, roughly 75% of Americans were pro-union.

In Lansing, Michigan, a Chipotle location became the first of that chain’s restaurants to vote in favor of creating a union. Employees say they want more favorable schedules and better pay, with 18-year-old Samantha Smith calling it “an amazing moment for our team that has worked so hard and spent so many months organizing.”

As a result of the effort, she said that "young adults revealed that our generation can make a substantial change in this world and improve our working conditions by taking action collectively.”

Workers at an Amazon warehouse on Staten Island, New York, also recently voted to become the first such location to be represented by a union in the company’s history.

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