Bidding Farewell To The Man Who Helped Introduce Pop-Tarts To The World

It's a surefire breakfast hit for pastry fans of all ages. Bidding Farewell To The Man Who Helped Introduce Pop-Tarts To The World Giphy

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Even many die-hard cereal fans will admit there’s just no way to sweeten up breakfast like dropping a Pop-Tart into the toaster. And while the Toaster Strudel might promise a classier experience, the utilitarian nature of the humble Pop-Tart has made it a mainstay in American pantries for generations.

This week, a businessman whose input helped bring about the creation of this iconic brand died at the age of 96. Here’s a look at the legacy he leaves behind.

A corporate baker

William Post was a Kellogg’s employee who led the company’s bakery plant 60 years ago when the first Pop-Tart was created. His own kids were some of the very first people who ever tried the breakfast pastry.

Rival company Post (no relation) was working on its own type of toaster pastry and Post was called on to create a version for Kellogg’s.

The result was practically an instant success — and the four flavors that were initially offered have since gone on to include a lineup of nearly three dozen.

No matter what flavor is your favorite, though, these foil-wrapped filled and frosted treats still have the same roots as the very first ones created by Post and his team back in 1964.

A cultural phenomenon

There might be some chirpers out there who aren’t big Pop-Tart fans, but it’s impossible to deny the impact that this product has had on society. It’s been featured in museum displays, skewered in an “SNL” skit, and even fictionalized in a movie — “Unfrosted: The Pop-Tart Story” — directed by funnyman Jerry Seinfeld.

Even though Post won’t be around when the movie premieres later this year, Kellogg’s and Pop-Tart fans far and wide will continue to remember his pivotal role in bringing so much rectangular goodness to the masses.

Chris Agee
Chris Agee February 15th, 2024
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