food This Machine Delivers The Sauce Of Your Dreams (Or Nightmares) Heinz is taking its cue from Coca-Cola on this project. This Machine Delivers The Sauce Of Your Dreams (Or Nightmares) Kraft Heinz
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Fast food connoisseurs have become spoiled by the availability of endlessly customizable soft drinks with the Coca-Cola Freestyle machines that have been placed in locations around the world.

But what if condiments, not cola, is your thing? Well, Heinz has you covered.

Extreme dipping

You might have seen some of the strange concoctions that Heinz has already unveiled in bottles on your local grocery store shelves. From Kranch (ketchup + ranch) to Mayomust (mayonnaise + mustard), there seems to be a combination for any taste.

But some people want even more … and that’s where the Heinz Remix machine comes in.

It made its debut at the recent National Restaurant Association Show, and you could find one in your neck of the woods as early as later this year.

How it works

Much like the Freestyle gives customers complete control over how much or how little of each flavor to add into a mixture, this machine features a touchscreen and tons of options.

Here’s what the process entails:

  • Choose a base sauce of either ketchup, barbecue sauce, ranch, or Heinz 57
  • Add in a range of additional flavors including buffalo, mango, and jalapeno
  • Perfect your preferred taste by selecting from three intensity levels

In total, there are more than 200 different combinations from which you can choose to create your customized condiment.

Pros and cons

While restaurant employees might not like refilling all of the sauces and cleaning the machines, it does provide an opportunity to keep new options in stock without taking up a lot of extra inventory room.

And, as with the Freestyle, if retailers see that a particular combination is particularly popular, you might start to see bottles of mango ranch or buffalo ketchup show up at the supermarket.

Chris Agee
Chris Agee May 19th, 2023
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