Understanding The True Importance Of Sleep For Your Overall Health

Experts say it's a primary factor in disease prevention. Tenor

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We’ve all heard that it’s important to maintain a consistent bedtime routine and get plenty of sleep each night, but do you really know how pivotal this period of restoration is for your body and mind?

Anyone who’s struggled with insomnia or worked a third-shift job can probably relate to the grogginess, irritability, and lack of focus that can quickly result.

Healthcare professionals say that there’s a lot more at stake than just these temporary consequences.

A key factor in disease prevention

According to experts sleep is one of four aspects of our lives that we should prioritize in order to lower the risk of developing physical issues that can lead to potentially devastating health concerns. The other three are diet, exercise, and stress.

In many ways, these four factors are interdependent. For example, eating right, staying active, and getting plenty of sleep can combine to lower the amount of stress in your life.

Of course, enjoying the recommended eight hours of sleep each night is often easier said than done.

A few helpful steps to consider

If you’re having trouble catching enough Zs, here are several ways to send your body cues that it’s time to relax and drift off into slumber.

  • Maintain consistency: If you fall asleep at roughly the same time and in the same place night after night, you’ll be more likely to feel secure in your ability to get restorative sleep.
  • Avoid stimulants: Coffee drinkers probably already know it’s not a good idea to ingest caffeine close to bedtime and too much alcohol, although it might put you to sleep, will probably disrupt your rest throughout the night.
  • Eliminate distractions: Many people like to sleep with a light or the TV on, but a dark and quiet space is much more conducive to relaxation.
Chris Agee
Chris Agee February 13th, 2023
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