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UK Companies Help Usher In The Age Of The Four-Day Workweek

The shift appears to be related to a number of positive trends. Tenor

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For many U.S. workers, a long weekend is something that doesn’t come around often enough and can elicit celebration whenever it does occur. Elsewhere around the world, however, there’s a burgeoning trend toward making four-day workweeks the norm.

That societal shift was on full display recently in the United Kingdom, where a group of about 100 companies implemented a policy that gives employees three days off each week without cutting their pay.

The 4 Day Week Campaign

This latest development is part of a larger movement that promotes the idea that shifting to a four-day workweek would benefit not only employees but the companies they work for and the general public.

Although only about 2,600 U.K. workers are involved in the latest advancement, the 4 Day Week Campaign is hopeful that the idea will continue to spread across the nation and beyond. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Companies will have the incentive to innovate and streamline their operations.
  • Firms offering the option can more easily attract new employees.
  • A better work-life balance among employees will translate into better customer service.

What early adopters are saying

Atom Bank and Awin became two of the campaign’s success stories by confirming that the shift has legitimately reduced employee work hours without reducing productivity.

In fact, an executive at Awin, which is a major marketing firm, said the adoption of a four-day workweek has caused the business to operate at an even higher level.

Adam Ross said that it has been “one of the most transformative initiatives we’ve seen in the history of the company,” explaining that it has led to increased “employee wellness and wellbeing” while allowing “customer service and relations, as well as talent relations and retention” to simultaneously improve.

Chris Agee
Chris Agee November 28th, 2022
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