Inside Starbucks’ Big Plan To Improve Your Coffee-Ordering Experience

The chain has faced some nagging complaints in recent years. Inside Starbucks’ Big Plan To Improve Your Coffee-Ordering Experience Giphy

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Although it’s been the undisputed king of cafe chains for years, Starbucks has started to see a slump in its sales amid complaints about slower service and aging store designs.

The company has apparently been taking that feedback to heart, and recently began implementing some major changes aimed at recapturing its former glory.

The Siren Craft System

Baristas are already learning a new method of taking and fulfilling in-person and in-app orders. It’s all part of a plan being referred to as the Siren Craft System, which is designed to take a holistic approach to some of the issues that have been taking a toll on sales and customer satisfaction scores over the past several years.

In the process, corporate bosses say the news system should make life a bit easier for the employees who are often swamped with orders during peak periods of the day.

Insiders say the general goal will involve streamlining the entire process while implementing changes that will make stores operate more efficiently.

Among the most notable updates is the addition of a new staff position — the “play caller” — who will assess a store’s needs in real time. The production order will also shift away from a model that prioritizes cold beverage orders.

And cash-strapped customers might start flocking back to take advantage of limited-time promotions on popular food and drink items.

Small steps, big impact

About 10% of Starbucks locations have already started operating under the new system, and most customers probably don’t notice the various ways that things have changed behind the scenes. But if they’re getting their orders more quickly and accurately than before, then Starbucks might be on track to reversing recent trends.

During the second quarter of this year, same-store sales dipped by 3% and overall traffic was down 7%.

Chris Agee
Chris Agee July 2nd, 2024
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