Amazon Is Using An Old Retail Trick Ahead Of Its Prime Day Deals

Now might not be the best time to place your order. Amazon Is Using An Old Retail Trick Ahead Of Its Prime Day Deals Giphy

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Online shopping has become the norm for millions of consumers — but aside from the convenience of buying stuff in your pajamas and having it delivered to your front door, there are some devious similarities to the practices used by traditional retailers. And industry insiders say one of the most notable examples is currently being employed by Amazon.

Shifting your perception

Prime Day deals are rapidly approaching, which means shoppers are eager to snag some great bargains on items of all types. And while it is easy to find deep discounts, the savings aren’t always as dramatic as they appear at first glance.

That’s because Amazon (like brick-and-mortar stores did before it) often artificially increase prices of goods that are about to go on sale so it appears that the discount is even larger than it actually is.

In fact, JCPenney and other retailers have been sued for this practice … but the case was thrown out in court.

Technology is your friend

On one hand, it’s easier than ever for online retailers to engage in a bit of bait-and-switch with their prices. But on the other hand, the latest technology helps level the playing field by providing consumers with some powerful tools of their own.

Several leading price tracking apps can keep tabs on how prices have increased or decreased over time to help you pinpoint the best time to buy. Some, like Keepa, are best suited for use on Amazon, while others, including Honey and SlickDeals, can be easily applied to a range of online retailers.

Prime Day will span July 16 and 17, so it’s probably best to hold off on making a purchase until then if possible. Some early promotions provide an exception to the rule, but not every so-called deal is as good as it seems.

Chris Agee
Chris Agee July 10th, 2024
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