An Apocalyptic Event Might Be Coming, But Elites Are Prepared To Ride It Out

One of many examples revealing why it's helpful to be loaded with money. An Apocalyptic Event Might Be Coming, But Elites Are Prepared To Ride It Out Giphy

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Many of us live with a sense of hopelessness about the threats to humanity that seem to always lurk in the background. Those who can afford to take a proactive approach, however, have been busy implementing some truly impressive plans.

Destination New Zealand (or maybe Alaska)

Media theorist Douglas Rushkoff discovered first-hand what tech billionaires and wealthy celebrities were doing to prepare for a potential doomsday.

The year was 2017 and he thought he was going to deliver a standard address at an event focused on the digital future. Upon arrival, though, the Big Tech execs organizing the retreat threw him a curveball.

They peppered him with a host of questions about how they could build lavish, self-contained bunkers capable of providing all the necessities of life for the duration of almost any disaster.

And they had a couple of locations in mind. New Zealand, where billionaire Peter Thiel has already secured a passport, tops most lists … but Alaska isn’t far behind.

Putting all the pieces in place

In addition to a boatload of money, building an effective bunker requires plenty of planning. And Rushkoff said he found himself providing many of the details the elites gathered at the exclusive retreat would need for the job.

“The rest of my hour with them was them asking me all of these really specific questions about how to water-test their plans for the apocalypse,” he recalled.

While pursuing their vision for a safehouse filled with enough food, entertainment, and security needed to weather a yearslong storm, Rushkoff noted that these individuals were essentially admitting that their global influence had failed to create a safer world.

“The most powerful people in the world see themselves as utterly incapable of actually creating a future in which everything’s going to be OK,” he concluded.

Chris Agee
Chris Agee June 1st, 2024
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