Reintroducing Atlas: Boston Dynamics Introduces A New Era In Humanoid Robots

The company's latest product could be a game-changer for the robotics age. Reintroducing Atlas: Boston Dynamics Introduces A New Era In Humanoid Robots Giphy

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When prognosticators in generations past sought to predict the future, robots have been among the most common denominators. From friendly helpers like Rosie on “The Jetsons” to complex public servants like “RoboCop,” we’ve seen a range of possibilities in pop culture regarding how robots might help future humans.

And we won’t get into the many books, shows, and movies that depict robots in a much more villainous light.

But here we are in 2024, and the age of robots is clearly dawning … with one company, Boston Dynamics, at the forefront of the evolution.

Where we’ve been

Though a wide array of tech companies have been experimenting with robotics for years, Boston Dynamics has been able to reach full production with a couple of models that have already proven their ability to accomplish some impressive feats.

Spot, the company’s dog-like robot, is more than a computer-powered pet. It can maneuver through a host of challenges that are either too dangerous or too complicated for living creatures to trek.

Then there’s Stretch, a robot that has revolutionized warehouse efficiency as more and more consumers are ordering goods to be delivered to their homes.

Where we’re going

But the latest addition to the lineup might be the most intriguing thus far. Not only does Atlas move an awfully lot like a human, but it’s now available in an electric-powered version.

Boston Dynamics has already teamed up with Hyundai to hone in on some of the most obvious applications that this new, more powerful platform can serve. And earlier tests show that it is stronger and more agile than its predecessors.

It’ll be a while before Atlas is unleashed far and wide — but when it is, it could help us automate some of the chores none of us really want to do.

Chris Agee
Chris Agee April 22nd, 2024
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