Tesla Owners Get A Free Sneak Peek At Its Latest Self-Driving Software

The trial period provides a glimpse of a new update to the Autopilot feature. Tesla Owners Get A Free Sneak Peek At Its Latest Self-Driving Software Giphy

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Tesla has been on the receiving end of some not-so-positive reports about its so-called Autopilot mode in recent years. But the company says it has an answer to those concerned about shortcomings of the previous platform.

The first month’s free

In promoting “Full Self-Driving Beta,” the company’s latest driver assistance software, current owners are being offered a free one-month trial. Anyone who purchases a new Tesla model will be provided with a software demo.

While Autopilot is a standard feature in all Teslas, the FSD Beta program has been billed as a significant improvement. And it should be, given its $12,000 price tag.

Some cynics believe rolling out the trial period now could be an effort to boost sales just before the first quarter of the year ends and Tesla is striving to beat its sales projections. Of course, it could also be as simple as the company hoping to move past the controversies involving Autopilot.

The family of Walter Huang, who was reportedly relying on the feature to drive for him when he was killed in a crash, is suing Tesla — and that civil trial is expected to get underway in a few short weeks.

An overview of FSD Beta

Even though the software isn’t new (it sold for $15,000 several years ago), a relatively low number of Tesla owners have purchased it. The latest version, called “V12,” is now available, and the company insists it’s better — and safer — than ever.

It boasts more video data that can then be interpreted by the broader system in order to make crucial decisions in individual cars. But as FSD gets better, there’s even more concern about drivers who might put too much trust in the software and possibly put their lives or the lives of others at risk.

Chris Agee
Chris Agee March 27th, 2024
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