Does This Startup Company Have The Answer To America’s Gun Violence Problem?

The elusive "smart gun" might soon be available nationwide. Does This Startup Company Have The Answer To America’s Gun Violence Problem? Giphy

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The issue of gun control has been one of the most divisive in the U.S. for many years.

On one hand, proponents of stricter laws say they are needed to curb mass shootings and accidental deaths caused by firearms. On the other, gun-control critics point to the Second Amendment as their basis for defending widespread availability of firearms.

But one company based in Colorado is introducing a product that might find some common ground between the two sides of this debate.

What is a “smart gun”?

Fingerprint and facial recognition has been implemented across our modern society — from smartphones to cars — and the technology has gotten pretty impressive over recent years. That’s why Biofire believes the time is right to add some of those safeguards to guns.

The company’s first offering in the “smart gun” sector is expected to be shipped out later this month in the form of 9-millimeter pistols. Biofire says its firearm will succeed where other attempts to create a smart gun prototype have failed.

According to the company, the firearm will be able to recognize either the fingerprint or face of an authorized user, allowing quick access in an emergency but preventing unauthorized individuals (think criminals or children) from using the weapon.

Bipartisan pushback

While those who favor increased gun control might argue that Biofire is offering a potentially inflated sense of security, the concept of smart guns in general has faced criticism from pro-gun advocates since long before this company ever existed.

For its part, Biofire says it has listened to voices within the firearms industry and opposes any government efforts to require “smart” features to be included in guns.

Despite concerns about its price and uncertainty about its functionality, Biofire is determined to produce the first viable entry in the smart gun market.

Chris Agee
Chris Agee March 22nd, 2024
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