Temu Appeals To Older Generations. Here’s Why They Like It.

The promise of big deals is just one reason it's become so popular. Temu Appeals To Older Generations. Here’s Why They Like It. Shutterstock

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Amazon is the undisputed global champ when it comes to online shopping, but a Chinese competitor has really made a splash over the past year. While Temu has spent a ton of money advertising its rock-bottom prices, the reviews have been mixed (to say the least).

Critics complain about poor quality and products that are misrepresented on the platform. But there is a group that has gravitated toward Temu: older shoppers.

A bargain-hunter’s delight

Based on the responses of more than 100 older folks who regularly shop on Temu, there are a few primary reasons they keep coming back:

  • The price: It’s hard to pass up a great deal, after all.
  • The variety: You never know what you’re going to find.
  • The fun: The app offers in-app games and diversions.

OK, Boomer (and Gen Xer)

Surveys find that Temu’s top users, at least in the States, are primarily Generation X or older. That might seem surprising to those who have seen the brand’s relentless advertisements on social media sites frequented by Millennial and Gen Z consumers.

And one reporter recently set out to determine what it is about this discount retailer that appeals to this older subset of the population.

On some level, the results reflected a bit of nostalgia for the impulse-buy culture of days gone by. While Amazon definitely offers the potential for browsing through pages of products to find some hidden gem, many people see it as a utilitarian site allowing them to find a specific item for a reasonable price.

But Gen Xers and Boomers remember those late-night infomercials that offered a seemingly crazy deal on some bizarre contraption they never knew they needed. The quality was always questionable, but the anticipation of its arrival often proved irresistible.

And Temu offers that experience on steroids.

Chris Agee
Chris Agee February 5th, 2024
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