What Do SpaceX And John Deere Have In Common? Quite A Lot, It Seems.

Both companies think the partnership could revolutionize farming. What Do SpaceX And John Deere Have In Common? Quite A Lot, It Seems. Shutterstock

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Elon Musk’s Twitter/X takeover has gotten a lot of attention lately, but it’s clear that the billionaire has a lot more on his plate than a social media platform. For example, SpaceX — one of several companies he owns — is currently in the process of launching satellites aimed at delivering high-speed internet to some of the world’s most remote locations.

And to that end, Musk says he sees an opportunity to partner with another company with a major footprint in rural areas.

Down on the farm

SpaceX reportedly entered into an agreement with John Deere under which the former would provide satellite internet service to the latter, thus allowing tractors and other agricultural equipment to operate more efficiently and connecting farmers who might otherwise only have access to spotty or low-speed internet.

The tractors identified as part of the fledgling deal include newer models that contain a modem providing direct connections to the John Deere Operations Center. So what will this accomplish? John Deere indicates it will:

  • Allow tractors to share data with the company and other equipment
  • Enhance diagnostics and self-repair options
  • Provide a network for machines to operate autonomously

As company executive Aaron Wetzel explained: “The value of connectivity to farmers is broader than any single task or action. Connectivity unlocks vast opportunities that were previously limited or unavailable.”

The tip of the iceberg

SpaceX has its sights set on a lot more than just farmland across America and around the world. In addition to providing more reliable internet to citizens living in remote locations, the company has reached a number of intriguing partnerships.

Some notable examples include work with satellite service SES to establish internet connection on cruise ships and a collaboration with multiple airlines to provide in-flight Wi-Fi service.

Chris Agee
Chris Agee January 19th, 2024
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