Is Today The Best Day To Put Up Decorations? It Depends On Who You Ask.

Some say it's too early or too late ... but others insist the time is just right. Is Today The Best Day To Put Up Decorations? It Depends On Who You Ask. Giphy

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For many people across the U.S. and around the world, the day after Thanksgiving is a time to hunt for retail bargains. Others, however, prefer to spend the day decorating for holidays yet to come.

If you’re in the group of folks who believe Black Friday is the ideal day to hang lights and decorate a tree, you’re in good company … but not everyone agrees.

Which group are you in?

There seems to be an annual tradition of stores, public squares, and private residences racing to be the first to display holiday decorations and eliciting criticism from those who believe it’s just too early.

But everyone’s got a perfect date to roll out the lights and tinsel. For many celebrants, today is that day. Here’s the results of a new Axios survey of residents in San Francisco, California:

  • 36.1% say it’s appropriate to put up a tree on the day after Thanksgiving
  • 31.1% of respondents believe it’s better to wait till the first day of December
  • 6.6% get started early and think the tree goes up right after Halloween
  • 4.9% are easy to please and say there’s no wrong time to decorate

Everyone else fell into a niche category, further dividing the public about when the tree should make its first appearance.

Follow your own path

While folks clearly have some thoughts on the subject, that doesn’t mean you need to alter your views to please others. In fact, many of the respondents to the Axios survey said they think the only goal in decorating for the holidays should be to spread some much-needed cheer.

One reader, identified only as Kaci B., weighed in: “Let the people celebrate! With so much doom and gloom in the world, if lights make people happy, who cares?!”

Chris Agee
Chris Agee November 24th, 2023
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