Sick Of Remembering All Those Passwords? This Might Be The Cure.

It promises to offer more convenience and more security. Sick Of Remembering All Those Passwords? This Might Be The Cure. Giphy

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Just about every type of internet account imaginable requires some alphanumeric password, each with its own unique specifications. And while that’s what it takes to keep us safe (at least for the most part) while online, it’s a big hassle trying to remember them all or — heaven forbid — engaging in the often arduous process of gaining access to a site after you’ve forgotten a password.

Passkeys offer an alternative

There are some innovative platforms that can help you manage all of your passwords, but these can still leave you vulnerable. An entirely different approach involves something called a “passkey,” and here’s what it involves:

  • Checking in on an authenticator using a key that is attached to your device
  • Scanning a QR code to log into various websites
  • Using biometric scans or other non-password forms of authorization

Passkeys are already supported by a wide array of devices since Big Tech companies have invested heavily in the technology. But if you haven’t yet used one, there could be a couple of reasons for you to give it a try.

Here are the major benefits

Since passkeys effectively eliminate the need for remembering a ton of different passwords or reusing the same ones, thus making it easier for your data to be stolen, there’s a clear convenience factor involved in adopting passkeys.

But the most important reason might be the fact that this type of authentication is next to impossible for hackers to access through common phishing schemes.

Industry insider Andrew Shikiar explained: “Unlike passwords, passkeys do not rely on human-readable shared secrets that are highly susceptible to attack and easy to bypass.”

Passkeys are already available on most Apple, Android, and Microsoft devices as well as common web browsers. Best of all, they go with you when you upgrade your device.

Chris Agee
Chris Agee October 11th, 2023
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