The Inspiring Story Behind One Mom’s Million-Dollar Business Plan

Her success might motivate some of you to pursue your dreams. The Inspiring Story Behind One Mom’s Million-Dollar Business Plan Giphy

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When it comes to raising kids, there’s always something to do — and it’s easy to put personal plans and desires on the back burner. But for one Tennessee mother, an idea she first jotted down into the notes app of her phone has not only allowed her to get more done in the day but it’s also allowed her to realize her dream of becoming a business owner.

Introducing the Artful Agenda app

Back in 2016, Katy Allen came up with a proposal that involved combining the best attributes of a calendar app and a paper planner. By the next year, she had completely fleshed out her Artful Agenda idea and the app was being offered on devices around the world.

Since then, it has been downloaded nearly 2 million times and now has about 80,000 active subscribers.

The idea has blossomed into a popular platform that brought in $2.5 million in revenue last year alone.

If she can do it, so can you

Although the responsibilities of life can easily get in the way, Allen’s story is proof that it’s possible to turn an abstract business plan into a profitable hustle. And if you’ve been nursing an entrepreneurial spirit but haven’t had the guts to take the plunge, you might want to take a page out of her playbook.

“I always wanted to be an entrepreneur,” Allen said. “But I didn’t really know what my product or service would be.”

Instead of going all in on the various ideas she jotted down on paper or wrote in her phone’s notes app, she listened to the naysayers in her life. All it took was one friend who described a calendar app that was both convenient and decorative for a light to go off in Allen’s head.

Chris Agee
Chris Agee July 7th, 2023
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