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Air France Passenger Recounts Disturbing Mid-Flight Discovery

He said the airline's response left a lot to be desired. Air France Passenger Recounts Disturbing Mid-Flight Discovery Shutterstock

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During a recent Air France flight to Canada, passenger Habib Battah said he made a shocking discovery. Below his seat, he said there was more blood soaked into the carpet than he had seen in various violent incidents he witnessed while living in Lebanon.

Here are the details

Battah said he and his wife were traveling with their cats from Paris to Toronto on June 30 and about 10 minutes after takeoff he began noticing a horrendous odor.

“I started smelling something, a manure smell,” he said. “And I kept thinking, ‘Oh no, it’s the cats.’”

But he checked on the animals and they were OK. Below their crates, however, he noticed that the ground was soaking.

“I just wiped it and it was blood red,” he said.

After examining the area more closely, Battah said that the backpack cat carrier was also soaked.

“And then the flight attendant just kind of said, ‘Oh, somebody actually hemorrhaged on the previous flight, so it must be that,” he recalled.

A troubling mystery

Without any additional details about the situation, Battah and others on board the flight were left to wonder exactly what happened on the plane before they took their seats.

Although the airline confirmed that an investigation was underway, its response didn’t assuage the concerns of those who were forced to take an international flight with a fuselage covered in blood.

Air France confirmed that “a customer became unwell” mid-flight the previous day “and soiled his seat.”

Without going into further detail, the carrier asserted that “the passenger was not required to be isolated,” adding: “Passengers in the immediate vicinity of the customer were nevertheless moved for their own comfort.”

Despite the potential contamination risks, Battah said he had to clean up his own belongings before disembarking.

Chris Agee
Chris Agee July 13th, 2023
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