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We all have our own unique motivations in life, but according to a recent Pew Research Center poll, there are a few things that a large number of Americans agree are top priorities.

At the top of the list is something that probably isn’t all that surprising: spending time with family.

And the survey says…

Nearly three-fourths of adults think that family time is among the most important parts of life. That number increases to a whopping 90% when you factor in those who say it’s merely “very important.”

Here’s a rundown of other popular answers:

  • 74% say being physically active is important
  • 72% place a premium on being outdoors and in nature
  • 66% prioritize achieving career success

Of course, there’s no guarantee that just because someone says they consider something a priority they actually devote a significant amount of their time to that pursuit. Nevertheless, this poll provides a unique look at what is most important in the minds of modern Americans.

Some things aren’t universal

While most of the respondents agree on topics like spending time with family and maintaining an active lifestyle, others seem to split the population.

Among the issues that are only ranked as “very important” by 50% or less of the population is religious faith. Roughly half give it a top priority, but another 21% say it’s “somewhat important” to practice their faith.

Even less popular are creative pursuits. Just 43% say music, art, and writing are very important.

About two-fifths prioritize community involvement and just over one-fourth say that social or political causes are very important to them.

Family time is about equally as important to Democrats and Republicans, but other issues have a clear partisan divide. For example, Republicans who prioritize religious faith outnumber Democrats by more than 20 points.

Chris Agee
Chris Agee May 27th, 2023
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