Here’s What To Know Before Placing Your March Madness Bets

Let the pros help give your bracket the best chance of success this year. Here’s What To Know Before Placing Your March Madness Bets SNL/Giphy

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The 2023 NCAA tournament is kicking off and the long road to the Final Four is about to be underway.

That means hoops fans will be rooting for their favorite teams … and betting a lot of cash along the way.

If you’re hoping your bracket will come out on top this year, here are some odds that might help you make more informed decisions. But don’t take my word for it.

I’m no expert, so these tips are coming from the odds makers at Caesars Sportsbook with some analysis by the pros at ESPN.

Intriguing underdogs

Although Alabama is a common favorite to go all the way, its +700 odds could still net some pretty healthy winnings if the Crimson Tide comes through. Another popular choice is Houston, which comes with a more modest +600 value for bettors. If you want a chance to rake in even more, though, you might want to consider the Texas Longhorns (+1,200) or even Marquette (+2,000), both of which are coming into the tourney with a record that could take them all the way.

Prepare for an upset

There’s always a chance the lower seeds will come out on top, and experts see a few likely possibilities this year. Here are a few to watch out for:

  • 13-seed Furman against Virginia
  • 13-seed Kent State against Indiana
  • 12-seed VCU against St. Mary’s

No game is a sure thing and even the best teams can have an off night, but it’s helpful to look at recent trends to determine how two schools might square off.

In its game against Montana State, for example, Kansas State is a single-digit underdog — but big losses in its three most recent matchups against stiff competition have led some insiders to label Kansas State the runaway favorite.

Chris Agee
Chris Agee March 16th, 2023
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