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Peruvian Protesters March Against Nation’s New Leader

Ongoing clashes have been blamed for dozens of deaths. Photo by Lauren DeCicca/Getty Images

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The capital city of Peru is in upheaval this week following the chaotic and deadly disputes that forced former President Pedro Castillo out of office. He was replaced by his vice president, Dina Boluarte — and it has been anything but a smooth transition.

Demonstrators take to the streets

Reports out of Lima indicate that thousands of protesters marched on Thursday with signs and slogans designed to express their disapproval of the current situation. Many, including Olga Espejo, are demanding Boluarte’s resignation.

She asked why the new leader had been “turning your back on the people” after dozens of Peruvians have reportedly died during the conflict that followed Castillo’s ouster.

“Dina asesina!”

Some of the protesters are somewhat more forgiving of Boluarte, suggesting that he is simply a political pawn of a larger machine. Others, however, are holding her personally responsible for the death and destruction that has come to dominate the country in recent weeks.

Some protesters carried coffins made of cardboard, displayed photos of those who have died, and shouted “Dina asesina!” (or “Dina is a murderer” in English) as they made their way down the streets of the capital.

High-profile resignations

At least some of the nation’s top officials are considering whether they should step down in protest. Labor Minister Eduardo Garcia led the way on Thursday, announcing that he would be resigning and calling on the nation to issue an apology for the events that led to the recent deadly clashes.

New elections could be held as soon as next year, but Garcia and others believe that the current situation is not sustainable for that long.

For his part, Prime Minister Alberto Otarola shot down calls for Boluarte’s resignation, asserting that such a scenario “would open a very dangerous floodgate for anarchy and misrule.”

Chris Agee
Chris Agee January 14th, 2023
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