University of Phoenix President Resigns, Federal Inquiry Launched

George Burnett is in some hot water. University of Phoenix

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George Burnett, who was appointed as president of the University of Phoenix is stepping down due to a federal inquiry. Burnett was only in the position since February; USA Today was able to obtain documents relating to the matter. The University of Phoenix confirmed the Education Department's inquiry.

The Department of Education is investigating Burnett due to his time at Westwood College, a for-profit university in Colorado that had $130 million in student debt canceled by the federal government due to deceptive practices by the university.

The Department of Education is said to have found credible evidence that admissions officers at Westwood used emotional triggers to manipulate prospective students in to attending the university. According to the USA Today report, Chris Lynee, University of Phoenix's Chief Finalncial Officer (CFO), will take over as interim president.

At a time when student debt is a key talking point, investigations like this build momentum for calls from activists and students who want United States President Joe Biden to wipe education debt, and push legislation that makes tuition on par with other first world nations (aka almost nonexistent to far cheaper than US institutions).

Walter Yeates
Walter Yeates June 4th, 2022
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