world news Worried About China Winning The AI War? Here’s Some Good News. There's a fundamental reason it's so far behind many other countries. Worried About China Winning The AI War? Here’s Some Good News. Shutterstock
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With artificial intelligence gaining ground in just about all facets of modern life, there are some serious concerns that have been raised in recent months.

On the domestic front, many folks are worried about losing their jobs to AI bots. Taking a more global look at the situation, there’s the potential that China could outmaneuver the U.S. and quickly claim the top spot in the international economy.

While there’s not too much we can say to ease that first concern, when it comes to the second one you can take some comfort in a few promising trends.

China is playing catch-up

You might have heard the China has spent a ton of money developing AI products, and that’s true. But while the West has prioritized creative uses of the tech, China has been advancing surveillance.

Here’s an overview of how China stacks up to America:

  • China has many more regulations and restrictions on how individuals use AI.
  • Its version of ChatGPT — Ernie Bot — has faced various delays in its release.
  • Even top Chinese tech firms are implementing strict limits on their own products.

While you might find AI integrated into cameras, street lights, and even public toilets across China, you won’t see the same freedom with which American entrepreneurs and individual users have come to expect.

America risks ceding ground

Just because the U.S. appears to be winning at this moment, that doesn’t mean there’s no path for China (or another country) to take the lead. As many European countries push for greater AI regulation, a growing number of politicians and activists stateside are calling for similar laws.

That’s probably a good thing, since there are many ways that AI could be used for nefarious purposes. But it’s important to find the right balance between regulation and freedom.

Chris Agee
Chris Agee July 7th, 2023
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