education Meet The Aspiring Astophysicist Who Gradutated High School At Age 9 He's not the youngest high school graduate ever, but he's a close second. YouTube screenshot/wgaltv
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While most of the other kids his age haven’t even entered middle school, 9-year-old David Balogun is already finished with high school. Not only has he completed the requisite courses to receive his high school diploma, but he’s also completed a few courses that will transfer to college.

He joins an elite group

Although he didn’t become the youngest children on record to graduate from high school, there’s only one person known to have accomplished the feat at an earlier age. In 1990, Michael Kearney earned his diploma at age 6.

If that case is any indication, Balogun is on a course to be a huge success.

Kearney had already earned a master’s degree by the age of 18 when most of those in his age group hadn’t even started college. He later used his knowledge to rack up more than $1 million in game show appearances.

Another particularly young high school graduate, Ronan Farrow, went on to become a Pulitzer prize-winning journalist after earning his diploma at the age of 11.

David’s plans for the future

As you might expect from someone who made such quick work of grade school, Balogun isn’t planning for an ordinary career. Instead, his ambitions are literally out of this world.

“I want to be an astrophysicist and I want to study black holes and supernovas,” he said.

Balogun’sparents are also highly accomplished and both have advanced degrees — but his mom acknowledged that even they weren’t prepared for his capabilities.

“He’s a 9-year-old with the brain that has the capacity to understand and comprehend a lot of concepts beyond his years and sometimes beyond my understanding,” she said.

The remarkable student has also had an impact on his teachers, including science instructor Cody Derr who said he “changes the way you think about teaching.”

Chris Agee
Chris Agee February 6th, 2023
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