world news Why Are Streetlights In Some Cities Starting To Turn Purple? The likeliest explanation is both mundane and disconcerting. Tenor
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People in select areas around the globe have started to report some strange lighting situations along the roads of their hometowns. Without any notice, the previously white illumination from streetlights had turned some significantly darker shade of blue or purple.

Where is it happening?

One of the most prominent examples of this trend can be found in the Canadian city of Vancouver, where locals have been putting in calls to officials regarding the strange color shift. City workers responded to the mounting concern by replacing the bulbs, many of which had not been in operation long enough to warrant being removed.

Similar reports have emerged in several communities across the United States, including California, Florida, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and New Mexico. Individuals in Ireland also saw an unexpected change in the hue of certain streetlights.

What is causing it?

The mysterious situation has sparked widespread conspiracy theories, particularly in the absence of any rational explanation from the people in charge. While it’s unlikely caused by a globalist plot, there’s clearly something going on.

At the root of the issue seems to be the change from traditional lightbulbs to LED streetlights. These cool-burning bulbs have long been the preferred option for environmental reasons and long-term cost-effectiveness. Of course, if they need to be replaced prematurely, those arguments seem to go out of the window.

Most of the available data indicates that the problem lies in the complex lens that makes blue LED lights appear white. These are notoriously heat-sensitive and if they’re not made to the highest standards, they can cause the blue light to escape.

While it’s a relatively easy fix, critics are now concerned that if this important piece of infrastructure can fail, there’s no telling what might go awry in the future.

Chris Agee
Chris Agee December 5th, 2022
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