education Fake Stanford Student Lives On Campus For Nearly A Year Officials tried their best to coax the imposter out of various dorm rooms. Pexels
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High school graduates across the country fight for a spot at Stanford University each year, but one enterprising man found a loophole. Of course, it might land him in hot water with authorities.

The story of William Curry

According to Stanford’s Department of Public Safety, a supposed student who identified himself as a transfer from Duke University was found living in a dormatory late last year. When officials determined that he didn’t belong there, the agency issued a violation.

Spokesperson Dee Mostofi said that William Curry didn’t respond to that notice, though, and stayed put in the dorm. Since then, authorities have sent him letters advising him to stay off of the university’ property, but nothing worked until last week when he was physically removed from campus.

He was last found residing in the basement of a dormitory and had previously lived in at least five different dorm rooms over the course of the past year.

Stanford takes preventative action

While you might think that the university would already have some safeguards in place to prevent a squatter like Curry from taking up residence in its dorms, such protocols appear to have been insufficient. In response to this incident, Mostofi confirmed that the school would be redoubling its efforts to forestall a similar situation in the future.

She said that Curry’s “persistence and ability to ingratiate himself with our student community” played a major role in his ability to pull off the scam.

Legitimate residents of the dorm explained that he regularly hung out with actual Stanford students and even created an online dating profile in which he identified as an undergraduate.

Chris Agee
Chris Agee November 3rd, 2022
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