Virtual Reality Comes Into Its Own

Virtual Reality Comes Into Its Own Tristan Fewings via Getty Images for Meta

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If you’ve spent years wondering when virtual reality would live up to the hype, your wait might soon be over. While Meta’s Oculus has shown some progress and promise lately, a range of new products aims to make it much easier and more rewarding to cross the threshold from actual reality to virtual reality.

The Sony Playstation, which readers in my age group remember for revolutionizing the video gaming experience back in the ‘90s, is back again — this time with its VR2 device. Although it’s not set for public release until next year, insiders have been bullish about its capabilities after getting a sneak peek of the headset.

As The Verge concluded: “Like most modern VR headsets, it lets you adjust the head strap to make sure everything rests comfortably on your noggin, and you can tweak the inter-pupillary distance (IPD) so that the actual lenses inside the headset are the right distance for you.”

There’s also the news that Oculus is revamping its design to offer more immersion. If you’re disappointed by the current state of the Metaverse or just want to have a better experience while you’re there, this is probably big news for you.

Of course, the headsets are still kind of unwieldy and plenty of folks complain that they’re not exactly stylish. If you can get past this, however, the golden age of VR might be just around the corner.

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