Here’s How Alcohol Can Impact Your (Imagined) Future

Here’s How Alcohol Can Impact Your (Imagined) Future Giphy

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While the mental, emotional, and physical effects of alcohol abuse are already widely understood, there are some less obvious negative impacts associated with even moderate consumption. A new study by Psychopharmacology indicates that people who drink somewhat regularly can have trouble imagining the future or planning for events that might occur.

This ability is known as episodic future thinking and can be impaired by alcohol consumption. While you might already be familiar with the tendency to make poor decisions when under the influence, the recent study shows that there could be more to it.

Specifically, researchers followed 124 social drinkers (those who consume between two and 36 “units” of alcohol per week, depending on gender) to study the impact.

After abstaining from alcohol for a full day, the subjects were given a dose of alcohol-related to their body weight, and researchers administered specific tests to gauge their episodic future thinking.

By and large, the participants exhibited impairments in their ability to imagine or describe events in the future. Under the influence of alcohol, they were unable to provide as much detail, and the information they did provide tended to be less accurate.

It’s worth noting that this was just one study and it doesn’t mean that moderate alcohol consumption is necessarily a bad thing. This research does, however, give you something else to think about before going out drinking.

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