Cars Of The Future Might Glide Down The Road

Cars Of The Future Might Glide Down The Road Twitter/Screenshot

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There’s a lot of discussion about what type of vehicles are likely to take the place of traditional internal combustion engines. While electric-powered vehicles seem like the most obvious contender, researchers in China believe that magnets might be the best option available.

They’re already testing vehicles that are propelled by magnets in the road and report some encouraging early results. Here are a few of the intriguing details:

  • These vehicles glide about an inch and a half above the street surface.
  • A total of eight vehicles have gone through testing on a five-mile stretch of road.
  • Cars reached an impressive 143 miles per hour.

It’s worth noting, however, that there are some important factors to address before magnet-powered cars can become a common sight on the highway. The test vehicles are loaded with equipment that would need to be streamlined in order to make these cars marketable.

Furthermore, there’s the issue of infrastructure, since the magnets would need to be available on a wide network of roadways to make this novel mode of transportation worthwhile.

Finally, there are some safety challenges that could come along with future testing. Self-driving and autonomous cars are already facing concerns about avoiding obstacles, and this type of transport is likely to compound those worries.

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