Apple AirTag a gift to stalkers?

Apple AirTag a gift to stalkers? Girls via Giphy

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"I didn’t know what it was or what it meant. I felt quite panicky," a woman said describing her experience in March with Apple AirTag when speaking to the Guardian. " I pulled over and still didn’t know what I was looking at. My phone was showing a map of where I was with a trail of red dots indicating the route I’d just followed. I think I was in shock. I drove straight to a friend’s house and we searched the car," she continued.

What now? This seems a bit tense. Well, it gets a bit more disturbing, "Eventually we found it under the carpet in the back – a tiny gadget the size of a 10-pence piece. I didn’t want it anywhere near me."

The woman believes it was obvious how it got there; she recently split with her partner, and the day before, he spent the day with their son. During that day, he moved the child seat from his car to the back seat of the woman's car when he dropped him off.


What is the AirTag actually for?

The AirTag is a wireless Bluetooth device designed to keep track of items such as keys, purses, cars, or anything else that could be stolen -- it was not designed for stalking exes.

A man named Christopher Paul Trotman pleaded guilty to stalking his ex-girlfriend by gluing an AirTag under her car bumper.

Seriously, bro?

Actor Hannah Rose also reported in May that an AirTag was planted on her during an after-hours event at Disneyland, California.

How has Apple responded? By stressing it takes stalking seriously, and there is an alert system in place for suspicious activities...

One catch, though.

The alert system only works on the iPhone, so the company had to release the 'Tracker Detect' app that will alert an Android device (if the Android user even knows the app exists).

AirTag! Not it.

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