us politics New York and Florida Went Polling Election time is here once more. New York and Florida Went Polling Saul Martinez/Getty Images
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It's Primary Time

Voters in New York and Florida (two fairly large states) went to the polls yesterday to settle some intra-party battles (primary elections, they happen...all the time).

New York will see several contentious battles that you can read about here. In what is becoming a pattern in the Democratic Party, a Social Democrat (mainstream media uses the empty 'Progressive' term which offends my political science background) faces off against a Centrist candidate with a lot of money behind him.

In Florida, all eyes are on the Democratic primary for Governor as the top candidates are former Florida Governor (who was once a Republican) Charlie Crist, against Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried. The winner takes on Ron DeSantis, who is eyeing a run for President in 2024.

A Sign Of The Future?

Will these races determine a great deal as mid-terms approach? Not necessarily. New York and Florida elections are representative of voters in those two states, and races around the nation will have different dynamics at play.

While each election is important: especially for political factions within each party, Tuesday's results will not determine the state of the House or Senate later this year.

Walter Yeates
Walter Yeates August 24th, 2022
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