House of the Dragon Cometh!

House of the Dragon Cometh! HBO

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Long Live House Targaryen

George R.R. Martin always wanted the next Song of Ice and Fire (I originally typed House and Fire, laugh at my folly) TV adaption to feature the Targaryen family, and his wife is coming to life after a bumpy road to get there. 

House of the Dragon is based approximately 200 years prior to the beginning of the events that occurred in the Game of Thrones show. House of the Dragon is the first (of many) spin-offs of the internationally famous Game of Thrones (which yes, some fans disliked after the story drifted from the novels...I know), yet House of the Dragon focuses on an already completed narrative which won't require creative (or not) writing to fill in the holes Martin hasn't filled in.

A Unique Twist

It's unknown how big of a success House of the Dragon will be, but the lore has the potential to captivate millions, especially since the show will uncover the true accounts of the story told in the Fire & Blood novel.

If you aren't excited about this, you probably aren't a fan of high fantasy. If you were disappointed with the last several seasons of Game of Thrones, will you give House of D (what Martin calls it) a chance?

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