us news Continued Heatwave Threatens Health Of Delivery Drivers Watch out for dizziness, extreme sweating, or lightheadedness. Continued Heatwave Threatens Health Of Delivery Drivers Spencer Platt/Getty Images
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From the northwest to the southeast, Americans across the nation are experiencing the negative health effects of record-breaking heat. Experts warn that heat exhaustion or heat stroke could strike quickly as the temperature rises throughout the day.

Anyone working outdoors or spending much time in areas without proper air conditioning should watch out for dizziness, extreme sweating, or lightheadedness, each of which could be signs of trouble.

If you encounter someone experiencing these symptoms, be sure to get the individual to a cooler location, use cool water on a cloth to lower body temperature, and provide small sips of water. For more severe signs of heat stroke, it is important to contact emergency personnel immediately. When it gets this serious, don’t offer any water because it might result in severe nausea or vomiting.

“The most intense weather conditions imaginable”

Workers in some industries, particularly delivery drivers, can be especially vulnerable to the effects of extreme heat. As one New York City UPS courier explained recently, his job has gotten progressively more uncomfortable during the summer since he started nearly 25 years ago.

As Dwight explained: “There’s times where because of the heat, I felt dizzy, had to pull over and get out of my truck.”

Teamsters Union President Sean O’Brien addressed the plight of UPS drivers recently, denouncing executives who “sit inside their air-conditioned C-suite officers all day while UPS Teamsters endure some of the most intense weather conditions imaginable,” adding that “this corporation needs to own up for what it is or is not doing to protect these workers.”

Chris Agee
Chris Agee August 6th, 2022
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