world news The Line Is Saudia Arabia's New Project The Line is an ambitious $500 billion mega city and the focal point of the NEOM project. However, is it just an 'environmental washing' attempt by the Saudi Royal Family? The Line Is Saudia Arabia's New Project The Line/NEOM
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Saudia Arabia is attempting something innovative. Its NEOM project, promoted by the Crown Prince is supposed to be a look into the future of what a mega city can be. The concept even comes with fully powered green energy and a hyper train system for transportation.

The project has a $500 billion budget.

The city is called The Line and will be a 656-foot-wide single building acting as a vertical city (goodbye privacy, but that would be the smallest of Saudi Arabia's PR concerns...more on that) planned to reach 1,640 feet above sea level and stretch for 13 square miles?

Impressive. Is it possible? We'll see.

The Line is the latest and largest attempt of the Saudi Royal family to 'wash' the human rights violations happening within the country. In March, 81 men were mass executed, and years earlier the Crown Prince approved the capture and/or killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, according to a US intelligence report.

Other 'wash' attempts come from deals with World Wrestling Entertainment and hosting famous professional golfers in a tournament, oh and hosting Ultimate Fighting Championship, and there was the boxing card...and the purchase of Newcastle United F.C. in the English Premier League.

The Crown Prince wants to use The Line to bring 100 million annual visitors to the country by the close of the decade.

The concept is extremely innovative, but it's not exactly just an environmentally friendly move to help the people of Saudi Arabia.

Walter Yeates
Walter Yeates August 1st, 2022
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