us politics Tired Of The Two-Party System? Maybe You Should Move Forward… Ex-Democrats and ex-Republicans are joining forces. Tired Of The Two-Party System? Maybe You Should Move Forward… Noam Galai/Getty Images for SiriusXM
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With partisan politics driving Republicans and Democrats deeper into their respective corners, plenty of Americans in the middle are looking for another option entirely. That’s where a group of disaffected former members of both parties come in with their plan for a third party.

Andrew Yang, who ran in the crowded 2020 Democratic presidential primary, and Christine Todd Whitman, the former GOP governor of New Jersey, are joining forces to create the Forward Party.

The #YangGang is back

In a recent blog post, Yang explained that the fledgling coalition has already become “the biggest third party in the country!”

It comprises three formerly disparate organizations that sought to provide a home for people who were fed up with the bitter partisanship that has defined American politics in recent years.

“Our reach will expand very quickly,” Yang added, noting that Forward Party candidates are “already on the ballot in several states with a goal of 15 states by the end of the year.”

By the time the 2024 election rolls around, the group hopes to have candidates competing in all 50 states.”

Could the forward party actually win?

On the party’s official website, it promises an escape from the “far fringes” on either side of the political spectrum” and an opportunity for Americans of all persuasions “to find the common ground.”

That sounds like something that our country could use right about now.

Chris Agee
Chris Agee July 29th, 2022
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